Emergency Shelter

The Mitchell Area Safehouse provides emergency and/or transitional housing for adult victims and their children escaping domestic violence, sexual assault and stalking. The shelter is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This is a locked and secure facility equipped with cameras and an alarm system that allow direct contact to police dispatch.  Our goal is to provide for the safety of victims and their children as they escape the violence at home. Available at the shelter are food for meal preparation, laundry
facilities and support services.

Domestic Violence Tears Families Apart
Family Violence is a serious problem that has emerged as one of our nation’s least recognized and most tragic social problems.  Because of the impact domestic violence has on all family members and society, this “private problem” is finally becoming a matter of public concern.  Abuse is found in all socio-economic levels and all educational racial and age groups. Over half of all marriages experience at least one incident of domestic violence but only 10% of these incidents are reported to the police. Violence in the home often results in serious injury.  It is the policy of Mitchell Area Safehouse to ensure the confidentiality and privacy of anyone receiving services at the shelter.  Advocates will assist those seeking emergency shelter and will help with protection orders, safety planning and resources for employment and housing.

Counties Served: Davison, Hanson, Hutchinson, Douglas, Aurora, Jerauld, Sanborn and Minor.
Contact Rural Advocate: 605-770-6837


Crisis Hot Line
24 hour service for anyone seeking help or information on domestic violence, stalking or sexual assault

Advocacy Services

Domestic Violence & Sexual Assault Survivors

*Trained advocates provide non-judgmental support for survivors
*Assistance with protection orders
*Referrals for medical needs, mental health, and legal services
*Food, personal items, diapers and other immediate needs
*Referrals for employment and education
*Transportation to flee the area or for employment and housing search
Support and Resource Information
Trained advocates provide non-judgmental support for victims. Referrals for medical counseling, social and legal services are available depending on the victims needs.
Financial & Housing Assistance
Domestic Violence Survivors & the homeless
Financial & Housing Assistance
**Eligible applicants may qualify for the following assistance under the Emergency Solution Program. Call to apply: 605-996-2765
*Security Deposit Assistance
*Payment of past utility bill
*Payment of past due rent
*Rental assistance
Support Groups & Educational Programs
*Confidential weekly meetings available to survivors of domestic violence, sexual assault and stalking
*Speakers and educational materials about domestic violence, sexual assault and safe teen dating
*Domestic Abuse Intervention Project: a 27-week educational program for individuals who abuse their partners
Support Groups
Confidential adult and children support groups meet weekly and are available to all victims in past or present abusive relationships.
Domestic Abuse Intervention Project
A 27-week educational program for individuals who abuse their partners is provided. Commonly referred to as D.A.I.P.
Call: 605-996-2765
Community Education
Speakers, videos and materials are available to provide the public with information and to increase awareness of the issues of domestic violence, sexual assault and stalking.

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