Parenting Classes-Mitchell Area Safehouse

Parenting Classes

Learn About the Most Exciting Challenge of Your Life:


These classes are for parents, grandparents, and caregivers. The skills learned can be use with any parenting style and
with any single parent, two parent or multi-parent set of rules.


Mitchell Family Visitation Center

1809 N. Wisconsin St, Mitchell, SD 57301

Mondays 6-8 pm

6-Session Class

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Pre-registration is required.

Call 605-996-8880 to register or for more information.

Responsive Parenting
For Parents with children Ages Birth to 3
Meaningful Topics Covered:
The Parent and Child Relationship
The Unique Child-Temperament
Responding to Your Child’s Needs
How and What Your Child Learns
Parenting & Growing up is Stressful
Encouraging Your Child

Participants will Learn:

Temperaments and Individuality
Guidance and Disciple Techniques
Responding Positively to Child’s Needs
Learning Activities
Social-Emotional Growth
Early Brain Development
Common Sense Parenting
For Parent with children Ages 3 to Adolescents
Meaningful Topics Covered:
Parents as Teachers
Encouraging Good Behavior
Preventing Problems
Correcting Problem Behavior
Teaching Self Control
Putting it All Together
Participants will Learn:
Reduce Stress
Staying Calm
Effective Discipline
Develop a Safe Home Plan
Increase Confidence
Communication Skills